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Twinkle Twinkle A.B.C-Z (Indonesian hardsub +Karaoke effect)

Twinkle Twinkle A.B.C-Z [Shounen Club 2013.03.06]                          

That's two performances of A.B.C-Z with Twinkle Twinkle (no Little Star, but) A.B.C-Z  :P
As always, I sub this for entertain my self and to learn Japanese and English., the other reason is 'cause I like their performance (I love when Johnnys talent sing an english song) and I more like to watch their performance with sub *though my sub still amateur and may be many miss translations* and yeah, those two just old performances, please don't share the download links / these hardsub to elsewhere if you wanna take these files.

Well.. I share this as my farewell to... my lj? I guess lately "Jiyuu jikan sugiru" ~~~ so I think to take a break for a lo~ng period again from this happiness virtual home, it's not forever tough, just 'lo~ng',  hm.. may be for several month., well, who's care ~( ' .')~  XD
I'll lock back my locked post (related to download tag) which opened to public since a few weeks ago. Yes, I'll lock it back 'cause first, the reason of I decided to open it have been fulfilled, and second, I just want to keep it safe. I'll leave some of it for public on the special day(?) post, yeah coz I regard it as a strange gift from me for that day. #halah..

OK, enough with my randomnesse..
I just added this
 and this    to each of my Sexy Zone and Ryosuke Yamada list post. Go and check the download links there if you're interested to download it :)

Jya, Mata aimasho! Goodbye~

Happy 35th Birthday, Sho(nii)-chan!

Jan 25, 2017. so it's time for.. birthday greeting ~~~ ! \(^.^)/


Thanks for still be a part of Arashi until now.
You're the reason why I know Arashi,
You made me start to like Hip Hop music which never take my interest to listen it before.
Thanks to be revolusioner in Johnnys who inspiring many junior and us.
Please keep your health, Hope I can see you stand on Arashi's stage until your 40th, 50th, *with your wife & son watch it on VIP bench someday :D

And Happy Birthday for all my friends who born in this month ^_^
Sorry I can't send a properly birthday greeting one by one to all of you, though it's on your birthday day.
Hope God always bless you and wish your life will full of happiness, loves, and succes! ;)

[I ❤ Arashis bonds]

Ehem, sebenarnya aku nggak begitu suka sama yang namanya 'pair' di Johnnys. Nggak kalau pair-nya buat yang beginian *tunjuk ss di bawah (OTP)
Kalau pair of friends mah gpp, aku malah suka ngeliat kedekatan mereka :D
Tapi karena yang satu ini benar-benar kocak dan menghibur serta backsound-nya itu lagu kesukaanku +pengantin wanitanya juga cantik-cantik, jadi aku cut dah XD
Sebenarnya udah ada kepengenan buat bikin ngesub backsound-nya dari waktu pertama kali nonton episode ini, cuma baru kesampean baru-baru ini.
Eits, bukan berarti dengan ini aku jadi suka sama pairing pairing yang begitu ya! ^^v
Dan juga bukan berarti aku nggak suka sama fans yang punya OTP-nya masing-masing. Itu hak pribadi kalian dan aku tahu "it's just for having fun" so, woles aja :D and please don't hate me just coz of this, ok? ;)

Tertarik buat nonton videonya? klik ss diatas ini untuk ke links-nya

File detailCollapse )

Penggemar J-Drama pasti udah nggak asing lagi sama lagu ini, kan? Meskipun begitu...
Ini aku lampirkan juga(?) lirik beserta terjemahan dan PV lagu versi lengkapnya~ *sekedar sebagai pelengkap postingan ini :D

9 Maret...Collapse )

Hello... I'm back~  (to here again for today)

Wanna share the News part of Shounen Club Premium which aired yesterday. This's the news cut about "Arashi Live Tour Are You Happy? in Tokyo Dome" only. I believe I've uploaded it this morning, but I don't remember that I haven't share it here yet? OK, Without further ado, here the links *click pic below

File detail..Collapse )

Happy Watching~!

[Spoiler (just my thought)]

The venue...

The usual concert greeting from Sho-chan and Jun-kun

And in MC part, the way Leader speaks here looks so cute~ >.< *hope this will be on DVD, wanna know what they're talking about

the set of Sho-chan's solo seems like Ken's house :D

Leader's solo, as expected, his dance always cool *.* and his video back really amusing :D

Jun-kun's solo, maybe coz the title of his solo song, so Jr. wear blue costum. not only that, Jun-kun's face also looks like a sweet baby ^.^

And Wow!! Nii show us his dance on his solo part in this concert too! Kakkoii na~

Aiba's solo is cute, like free flying birds dance :D

And then.... on Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi! Nii and Leader!! >o<

  Aa~~ I love this moment ❤


ijou desu ^_^


Hey! Say! JUMP will release a new single on Feb 22, 2017. The title is "OVER THE TOP" *it reminded me of the song "TO THE TOP"
Here the details about the single types :

*screenshoot from Johnny's net

Jacket cover for every types still cooming soon :3  Ah, you can get a poster if you order the RE now
*I think it still available.
Go to CDJapan or Amazon or YESASIA to order it.

OVER THE TOP is also as opening theme song for anime "タイムボカン24 (Time Bokan Twenty Four)". I don't know about this anime coz I haven't watch it yet. I just looking for its opening song cut to listen the preview of OVER THE TOP :D I didn't find it anywhere tough, but I found it on the full episode 15 (streaming on kissanime). 'Coz I'm not interested in watch that anime, so I just skip the story and jump to the opening theme song, and of course I cut that part :D *I'll put the download links below for you, who interested to watch it too..

Based on what I watched and what I heard on the video, here I tried to write the lyric in kanji and romanji

Lyricist &
Composer: twelvelayers
Arranger : SSKHz
Singer : Hey! Say! JUMP

Love is alive さあ行こうぜ 最果ての向こうへ
Love is alive Saa ikou ze Saihate no mukou e

Toki wa mattete wa kurenai

Now is the time 誰だって 震えながら前へ
Now is the time Daredatte Furuenagara mae e

Kokoro ni kaketa kagi tokihanate

Donna ni ima wo itoshiku omotte mo

Kotae wo sagasu tabi wa tsudzukukara

錆び付く理想は 脱ぎ捨てて進め
Sabitsuku risou wa Nugisutete susume

高らかに手を叩け もっともっともっと (Oh baby)
Takaraka ni te wo tatake Motto motto motto (Oh baby)

過去から永遠を紐解いて (So let's go)
Kako kara towa wo himotoite (So let' s go)

流した涙 それが歴史を変える
Nagashita namida Sore ga rekishi wo kaeru

手を伸ばせ もっともっともっと
Te wo nobase Motto motto motto

僕らの始まりさ Ready stedy go 君と行こう
Bokura no hajimari sa Ready steady go Kimi to yukou

Soshite meguriau

本当の History
Hontou no History

そう Let's get it now
Sou Let's get it now

And I tried to translate it into Bahasa Indonesia as well, *It's my first time to translated the lyric from kanji directly,
So.. Feel free to correct my translations ^_^
Yes, I'm still amateur, I just do this to learn and add some vocabulary of Japanesse into my brain. ^^9

OVER THE TOP InaCollapse )

And here the download links for the video cut, *as usual, I sub it as well, but this time I didn't apply karaoke effect on it.

Time Bokan 24 Opening song (OVER THE TOP - Hey! Say! JUMP)Collapse )

Ah, I almost forget that Yuto will be starring in movie this year too, Gomen ne Yuto-kun ^^v

I found this on youtube, High & Low, I like this segment. Yuto looks cute here :D he promoting his up coming movie too, the title is.. "Bokura no Gohan wa Ashita de Matteru", right?

I'll be so glad if someone make a sub for this!

Yuma 23rd B'day

Now you're already 23 years old, same with Yama-chan and Chii-chan *and me :P

I know you 'cause NYC. I really like you there. I still like you even though right now you works as soloist.

I always enjoyed your song, your drama, and movie. Your performance as well.

Wish all your dreams in 2017 will come true, and..

Please keep your health and give all your best for your fans! ;)

OMG! I didn't realized it until just now. I know that Leader play a role as main cast in this movie, but I didn't know about the others cast. Just know it when I visited youtube and this news appears on my home.
Chinen must be really happy to be play in movie with his admired senpai ne :D

pic from aramajapan

watch the news about itCollapse )

I really looks forward to this movie as well, besides Ryo-chan's movie (Fullmetal Alchemist), Toma's movie (Karera ga Honki de Amutoki wa & Sensei!), Shori's movie (Haruta & Chika), Inoo's movie (Peach Girl), and Jun-kun's movie (Narratage) >.< *can see brother-sister of Shitsuren Chocolatier again :D

Are there any others Johnnys who will starring in movie of this year too?


Did everyone here moving to dw? I didn't know about lj issue in details, but I see some of you moved to there, that why I made an account there as well. Still a litttle confused how to use it, just imported all the things in here to there, so for you who already friends with me here, you'll be able to see my locked post there too even if you don't have dw account. And if you're decided to moving there, I hope you tell me your username, so I can add you there as well. Well.. I think I'll keep stay here, 'cause lj is already like home for me ^_^  a home that brings me to see an amazing people like all of you, guys!
I'll use crosspost feature if I make a post there.

One more, this time I won't share any links, but I'll inform you that for this month I think to unlock my locked post related download tag (except my list post), hope it'll be okay. *I do this for some reason.

ok, it's already late, so I'll going to my bed. . Good Night and Have a nice dream~

Free Time! (old files on my old pc)

"Koko de mata aeta ne... (You and Me) Onaji egao ni
Tsutaetai koto dake wa (All the time) Kawaranai..." :D

Tadaima~ :P here I'm, a random person who always make spam post to this social media called livejournal. hihi...
I'm back to bubbling up my feeling about unnecessary things (?) on my old pc.
I found these files and I guess I did (subbed) them when I really addicted to watch their cute baby face. I never share it before, 'cause I did it for entertain myself only. But now, since I uploaded them into net for the sake of saving some space on my hdd.
#halah, I think I must share them to here as well.

Here's some snapshot of those file. I'll add the links to every my list post when I'm done upload it.

See some snapshots...Collapse )

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