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Welcome to the randomness world of My strange fangirl life :P

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Just call me La :)
I love anime, manga, j-pop, j-movie, dorama, and... Wind Rain Sky :D
know JE since Des 2013, it's 'cause Yamada Ryosuke ❤ , my ichiban ^_^ *it'll be long story if I explain it all here :D
my lj account very quite~ , just made it to get some update of JE more and more, also..to improve my english since I know my english isn't good enough ^^
Sometimes post an entry *if in good mood to write and of course its content just about my randomness, he..
If my friend ask me, sometimes I share my files here and the download links will visible for my friends only. feel free to add me as your friend if you're interested to be friend with me, just let me know if you want to be added back (you can send me pm or comment on my post), Insya Allah I'll add you back then :)

last, my favorite words,
"Be The Best You Can Be!"

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